About DigitalForge

We build the Web. We provide solutions for every problem

About DigitalForge

The business scope of our company is everything about web creation. Our team consists of designers, front and back end developers, a marketing consultant, a SEO expert and an experienced project leader.

We can advice you about the real needs of your company. No overcharges or hidden costs. Our priorities are:

  • Analyzing the marketing needs of your company
  • Creating high quality content for low prices
  • SEO that increases the visibility of your site at no cost
  • Providing visual perfection paired with the best functionality and performance
  • Everything will be delivered on time

Technologies we use

For every task you need the right tools. Not a single language, framework or any tool in general is the best solution for everything. So each time we use the technology we think that fits best to the task. Here are the most common of them we use:

Front end:

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX
  • Bootstrap

Back end:

  • PHP
  • Phalcon Framework
  • MySQL,SQLite

Content Managment Systems:

  • Wordpress, Jumla, Drupal
  • Opencart, Magento


  • Java, C++, XML
  • Objective C, Swift

Of course, we use various other tools, like Google analytics, APIs, and anything is necessary to get the job done. Productivite, efficiency and security are our first concerns.

Finding the real needs of a company is not an easy job. The presentation and concept are crucial, but targeting the correct keywords saves money, time and can lead to increased visibility. SEO and SEM must serve the company to reach its goals. Choosing the keywords while trying to maximize the traffic of a website can lead to useless traffic. Selling the products , strengthening the brand and increasing the visibility to attract new clients is the real goal here.
We charge our services according to the project. No hidden costs, no server reselling or imaginary work. The price of our services are agreed before the project. We have very competitive prices as you can see in the "Pricing" area.
We want our clients to stay with us. We want to get advertised from our clients. We want you to succeed. The survival of our company is upon the survival of our clients. There is a tight bond between us. For these reasons professionalism is a must. We will impress you on this field.

Our Services

Static web pages

Some believe that this is the simplest job. So they produce pages with mediocre design. Although backend is not the main concern here, the front end must be, as always, next to perfection. A good-looking site with good content will keep your gonna be customers revisiting.

Dynamic web content

Tired seeing web sites that look alike, are slow to load and are full of bugs? Hold your breath, there is more: usually people payed these sites for gold and continue to pay heavily because of the bad quality of code, which forces them to use expensive servers. With a custom solution, the quality of code will lead to a visual customized, fast load website with very cheap hosting. We can deliver to you high quality sites with low costs!


This task is really difficult. Choosing the right domain name,perfect design, a really fast page loading, bug free , a correct campaign and many others things are critical for the success of any e-shop.

Sites with CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc)

Sometimes a Content Management System has its benefits: Low startup costs, fast delivery of your site and own managed. Also, we can optimize the code, so it will not be so slow (unfortunately, CMS are champions in this field).


Today most people use tablets and mobiles more than desktops. And still, there are designers who build sites for desktop only. This leads to a bad experience for users who visit the site from their mobile or tablet. Don't do this mistake! Responsiveness is a must today.


Security is a very important feature of your site, yet most developers don't give much attention on it. Bad security can lead to decreasing uptime, leech bandwidth, data loss, database corruption, giveaway data to your competitors, ruin the fame of your company or even lead to legal adventures. Even the best scheme can break with a simple wrong permission on a file. We take the matter of security very seriously. We test for security holes before and after the launching of the sites.


How many visits my site has? Who visits it? From which area? How often do they revisit? On which pages or links are they interesting? Very crucial questions, which must be answered. We provide the answers at these questions. We use the analytic tools to produce valuable data for the owner of the site.


Ok, we have build the perfect site. What is the value of it if no one visits it? Correct, zero. The site must have as much visibility as possible. Here the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)comes into play. All fields today are very competitive. So SEO and SEM is a must. Targeting the correct keywords is very critical. There is no formula, but SEO is an art, and much effort and time needed to reach the top.With SEM you can decrease the time required, but it is costly. SEO is free if everything done correctly! Here is our little secret: All the pages we build are SEO friendly!

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Here you can check some of our projects


Static web pages

The price depends on the number of pages, number of languages and the functionality that will be integrated in the pages (chatting, email forms etc). Minimum price is set to 400 USD

Dynamic content

The price here depends mainly on backend. The more functionality the site integrates, the more time is needed for development. A CMS (Wordpress,Drupal or Joomla) reduces the development time but a more custom solution (usually using a framework) fits more to the task. So the implementation also plays a role on the final developing cost.


The basic factors here is the number of payment methods and the quantity of the goods or services. Also the implementation plays a role (which platform will be used). The starting price is 800 USD.

Non custom sites (using CMS)

Do you need a non custom site? This is fine. A CMS shortens the development time, thus decreasing the cost. That way we can deliver sites with dynamic content, which may often enrich with new content. Although they are dynamic pages, the price is set to that of static web pages.If the functionality must be extended then the development time may take longer than a custom approach, leading to higher costs in the long run.


Basic SEO is provided for free for our web sites. Actually, SEO starts before the development of a website. For additinal SEO, after some months we can set a goal. Because in this field nothing is guaranteed we demand payment only if there are actual results. We can also undertake sites not designed by us. Again, we get paid only of there is improvement in the result pages. About SEM, we set our fee before the campaign, depending on the goal.

Data analysis

SEO and SEM need data analysis. How many visitors does a page have? From which country? What conversion rate does a site have? Cost per click? There are important and not so important metrics. Interpretation of the metrics is also crucial. The price here depends on the number of the metrics and the period. Not all metrics are useful for every website, we choose only those that the client needs, minimizing that way the cost.


Real Value for Money